The Bifrost/Linux concise summary

Bifrost is a small Linux distribution for USB media, flash disks etc. It's mainly targeted for production and infrastructure networking, routing/firwalling etc but it is also used in research and education. One of the overall design goals is to keep things simple and straightforward. KISS.

It is proven and has been around for about 10 years. Bifrost/Linux focus is on selected hardware. To get references, papers, download info, hardware suggestions and more info please follow the links below. The Bifrost motto is "Install and forget".

Bifrost/Linux main features

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Bifrost/Linux core distribution

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Bifrost/Linux Routing Daemons

Bifrost/Linux does not enforce any particular routing daemons per se. User is free to use whatever is appropriate and over time projects come and go. For production " high-end sites" like (UU/SLU and has used gated (From Merit Consortium. A free and improved version). The history of gated is a bit of Internet history an can be found here . Later zebra was used and currently quagga is used.

Current Quagga packages

Bifrost/Linux building optional packages

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The Birfost/Linux mailing list. Hosted by Uppsala universitet

You handle subscriptions and yourself via the server.

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LowPower in production use

Bifrost/Linux can be used in home servers and residental gateways not only for network robustness and performance but can also host web, mail and other services. There are ATOM based motherboards with consumtion of about 15Watt. The low power consumtion- makes UPS and renewable energy sources possible.

Reference installations

Some of the highest ranked Swedish Universities has pioneered in using open source routers as part of their production infrastructure. Thanks to their work, research and networking frontiers have been moved forward and the work has inspired new challenges. Open source routing has been used in more then 10 years in some of the installations mentioned.

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